Teak Tree Lake – World class fishing in, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai’s Teak Tree Fishing Lake offers you the opportunity to catch specimen fish in a secluded and beautiful Northern Thailand setting. The lake boasts a wide range of species that few other fisheries can come close to; in Thailand, or anywhere else in the world. We provide everything – high quality fishing tackle, all the bait you need, and friendly guidance.

At Teak Tree Lake we pride ourselves on quality, providing you with a truly unique all-inclusive Northern Thailand fishing experience

If you have been fishing in Thailand before, you will know how difficult it can be to find peace and tranquility. At Teak Tree Fishing Lake that is exactly what you get; a secluded fishing resort, with nobody else to disturb you. For parties of two or more anglers we guarantee the lake and bungalows are exclusively yours for the entirety of your stay. It’s only twenty minutes drive from Chiang Mai airport, but Teak Tree feels like a world away in its private and tranquil Northern Thailand setting. Watch this video, for a short introduction to what we offer.

Specimen Fish

Our lake boasts a range of species that is second to none in Northern Thailand – 5 IGFA World Record fish have been caught from the lake!

> Fish Species

Luxury Bungalows

We are proud to offer you Thailand’s most luxurious air-conditioned fishing bungalows. Fishing in Thailand has never been so comfortable.

>  Accommodation

Tranquil Setting

Set in the Chiang Mai valley, surrounded by orchards, and with views to the mountains of Northern Thailand – a setting that we love.

> Tranquil Setting

All Inclusive
Fishing packages include accommodation, tackle, bait, catering, guidance and the lake exclusively for you (for parties of two or more anglers).

> Inclusive Packages


Videos – Feeding the fish at Teak Tree

If you a have a few moments take a look at these videos. They give you a nice view of the lake – as well as getting to see the size of some of the fish…

 Feeding Fish to the Predators
 Feeding With Bread

More Fishy Videos:

– Forty minute battle with a Giant Mekong Catfish (edited highlights!)

– Two battles with Chao Phraya at Teak Tree Lake


Teak Tree Lake is home to some of the biggest predators in Thailand, including Arapaima to 100 kg+, Amazon Red-Tails at 50 kg+, and Chao Phraya Catfish of well over 50 kg.

Predators at Teak Tree Lake


There are a huge variety of carp species at Teak Tree – Siamese Giant Carp to 30 kg+, Catla Catla to 20 kg+, Yellowcheek Carp, Juliens Golden Price, Chinese Silver Carp, Small Scale Mud Carp, Black Carp, Cave Brook Carp, Rohu, and Bighead Carp…

Carp at Teak Tree Lake

Catfish species in the lake include Giant Mekong Catfish at 85 kg+, Amazon Red-Tails at 50 kg+, enormous Chao Phraya of well over over 50 kg, Asian Redtails, Ripshaw Catfish, Catfish Sharks, Firewood Catfish, Sorubim Hybrids, African Walking Catfish, Giant Bagarius, Tiger Catfish, Sawai Noo, Jau Catfish, Marble Catfish, Suckermouths, and Lau Lau.

Catfish at Teak Tree Lake

There are over 40 fish species in the lake, including many unusual and exotic species found in very few other fisheries in  Northern Thailand, or indeed anywhere in Thailand. See them all on our Fish Species page.

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