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If you are a past guest reading this and you fee inclined to send me a few words, it would be HUGELY appreciated. Testimonials

“We returned to Teak Tree for Xmas 2013, looking forward to some quality family time whilst trying for some more exceptional Asian and Latin American fish species. 2 days before the trip I received an email from Bruce stating it was a little cold and Thailand was experiencing it’s worst winter in 76 years so I throw in a fleece and waterproofs and a few long trousers.

First morning I was up an hour before starting and was delighted to see two huge Mekong Catfish being delivered at 59 and 69kg each, these wet the appetite to say the least!! With the drop in temperature the fishing was always going to be tough and unfortunately the cold snap did not go away with temperature down to 9C in the morning and 30C by 10 am and water temp moving between 20 to 24c and outside temp an average 8C below normal and first thing it was cold…..

However, sometimes you just need to fish a little harder and over the 10 days I only had one blank and a high of 5 fish in a day; and several evenings missed with taking the family out. Interestingly average weights, and quality of fish were up, but predator fish were not eating and I fished hard for the other species and caught some exceptional and rarely caught fish.

In total I had 30 fish and 20 over 10kg with Ripsaw Catfish (17kg), Juliens Golden Carp (15kg), Siamese to 20kg, Tambaqui to (25kg), Catla Catla (to 15kg), Hovans carp, Mrigal, Redtail to 50kg and Aripaima to 35kg. The moments of joy are easy for the really big fish such as the Ari and Redtails, but I was overjoyed with the Ripsaw, Juliens and Tambaqui as these are not easy to catch and I had 4 Tambaqui over 18kg which was a right result.

We really recommend the night safari and the freshwater aquarium at the zoo!! We will be back!”

Stephen Bell – Essex boy overseas, January 2014

“I fish regularly in Singapore with the odd trip to Southern Thailand to fish but found them expensive and busy commercial fishery’s with no say on swims and I just wanted to fish and have a holiday with my family with some space. Then I came across Teak Tree and we quickly booked 10 days in July 2013 based on good fishing and excellent family accommodation.

We were picked up at the airport and taken to Tesco for a quick stock-up and local SIM card for the Wifi , we had chosen the fully catered option so we could all relax. On arrival we were very pleased that the good pictures on the web site did not do this place justice, it is a stunning lake and surroundings and could not wait to get started. We had an excellent diner cooked by Noon who can cook western and Asian food which suited us as my wife is Filipino and we enjoy our food.

Next morning I was listening to fish crash everywhere and with fish “topping” we had a 20kg Pacu off the surface within 10 minutes and was well happy followed by 12 red tail catfish and a 30kg Aripiama to cap the first day. During the coming days we had Redtails to over 50kg, Aripaima to 45kg, Alligator Gar (to 15kg), Siamese Carp (to 20kg), Hovans Carp, Mrigal, Giant Featherhead, Black Minnow Shark and Asian Redtail catfish. All in all I had over 50 fish with 13 over 10kg.

The fishing was great but its the whole experience that counts and the lake, the surroundings, the weather, quality food and fantastic quality service provided by Bruce and Noon. Note this is suitable for family and we all had a fantastic time using Teak Tree as a base and going to the variety of zoo and animal parks and enjoying a wonderful meal where the Princess of Thailand eats.

We have already booked Christmas back at Teak Tree.”

Stephen Bell – Essex boy overseas, July 2013

“I have been fishing in Thailand many times over the last 10 years and have now been living here for 3 years. I do most of my fishing in Thai owned fishing parks simply because of the cost, but occasionally treat myself to a few days at a fishing resort such as Teak Tree. I stayed here with my wife and baby daughter in January 2013 and from the moment we were picked up from the airport we felt very much at home. Everything about the resort is excellent: the accommodation, the setting, the food and service (from the owners Bruce and Noon), oh and the fishing’s not at all bad either!

You have assistance on hand all of the time during your stay – to give expert advise on methods, baits, etc. and they really worked hard with me as the fishing was tough due to a sudden drop in temperature. Noon‘s cooking is delicious and she even baby-sat for us so we could enjoy our meals. Although the fishing was tough during our stay I still managed to catch: Arapaima 80kg; Amazon Red Tail 40kg; Cahoor/ Catla to 20kg; + Asian Red Tail, Gourami, Alligator Gar and Pla Duk Ruska.

I will definitely be visiting again and have no hesitation in recommending the fishery to others.”

Jim Hayes – Englishman living in Thailand, January 2013

“As a regular visitor I first discovered Teak Tree Lake when it was in its infancy about 4 years ago. It has since developed into a very secluded piece of paradise just a short drive outside of Chiang Mai. The venue is also a great focal point for those wishing to visit other local attractions such as the tiger and elephant parks. You are collected from the airport for the drive to your own luxury bungalow within the grounds of this private walled fishery. The lakeside bungalows are fantastic with en-suite facilities and air-conditioning plus your own fishing platform immediately in front.

The hospitality from the Teak Tree Lake fishery team are second to none. If you need help with fishing then Teak Tree Lakes experienced guides with many years experience behind him and if you decide on the full package then Noon’s culinary skills are superb. My last trip was in May when I notched up my 18th species from the lake. You can target individual species such as the numerous carp or go for the massive predators that are in here but sometimes it’s fun just to see what comes along. The growth rate of these fish is incredible. Anyone who likes fishing abroad or wants to target new species will love this place. I’ll be back in November.”

Alan Hunter – Newcastle Upon Tyne – England – May 2010

“As a lover both of the Thai lifestyle and Thailand’s enormous freshwater species, I made the acquaintance with Teak Tree Lake some three years back.I have become, and will remain, a regular visitor. The high points for me are the superb advice from the fishery owners, with the intimate knowledge of a lake that only a real fishery manager and angler can deliver. Add to that the fast-growing hard-fighting species – the cream of carp and exotic catfish species running to weights of well over 100 pounds/ 40 kilos, plus the prospect of the mighty Arapaima, which can run over 200 pounds /80 kilos.

The experienced guides are flexible on the various approaches to closing in on the specimens – I learnt a lot of new techniques as well as catching new species: carp, red-tails, Featherback and many more. Two key points struck me as unique to this venue: the superb home cooking of Noon, so superior to what most Thai restaurants can provide; and the feeling of peace and seclusion, on a walled estate in a tranquil corner of the Thai countryside. Yet if a break is desired from the fishing, there is so much to see and do in the Chiang Mai area, one of Thailand’s cultural heartlands. Yes, I will be back!

Tony Mulqueen – Ireland – March 2010

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