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Teak Tree Lake – World class fishing holidays in Thailand

When you holiday with us at Teak Tree Lake we aim to meet ALL of your needs, and make your stay as relaxing and stress free as possible. We offer truly all-inclusive packages – no surprise extras at the end of your stay with us…

Included as part of your all-inclusive package are:

Transfers – to and from from Chiang Mai Airport or Chiang Mai City area
Accommodation – luxury, fully equipped, 2 bedroom, en-suite, lakeside bunglalows
All Meals – Catered for you, or self-catering; your choice. See a full description here
Quality Tackle – 2 Shimano Beastmaster rods and 2 Shimano Baitrunner reels each + everything else you need
Guidance – The owner is available exclusively to you, to enhance your fishing experience
Baits – Deadbaits, bread, groundbait, and other baits as provided (subject to availability)

Important Notes
: Two rod/reel setups are provided for each angler, one setup for predator and the other for non-predator fishing. Many of our predator fish are very valuable and surprisingly fragile creatures, hence only one predator rod per guest. If, however, you prefer not to fish for predators at all, a third non-predator setup will be provided for you – allowing you to fish three non-predator rods.

If you plan to bring your own “special” baits, please talk with us before you visit to confirm that they are something that we are happy with you using. The use of baits from outside is strictly at our discretion.

As part of our all-inclusive packages we include “reasonable” electricity usage of 10 units per day. Usage over this is charged at the actual Thai electricity rate of 7 Baht per unit (10 units is plenty for most guests; this is simply to discourage energy wastage, i.e. leaving all air conditioners on 24 hours a day)


All-Inclusive Package Prices

The prices quoted here are for an all-inclusive fully catered stay.
Anglers (staying in one of our luxury two bedroom bungalows)

B6,000/day, inclusive of food and accommodation. For parties of two or more anglers we guarantee the lake is exclusively yours for the entirety of your stay, if requested at time of booking.

Non-angling party members: Non-angling partners and/or children are welcome (there is only you that the children can disturb!). There will be an additional charge of B500/day for each non-angling guest, to cover the cost of food.

Trips away from the lake: You, or other members of your party, may wish to spend some time away from the lake to explore something of Chiang Mai and the surrounding area. We are always happy to arrange this for you. Depending on numbers of people and what plans you have we will personally take you, or organise alternative transportation for you. Either way, you will need to cover the cost of this transportation (just the diesel cost if we are taking you). Fortunately, even taxis are pretty good value in Chiang Mai.

If you plan to go into Chiang Mai during the evenings to sample the bars and restaurants we will be happy to take you into town, but if you are going to be late you will need to get a taxi or tuk-tuk back out to the lake. We can, of course, help to organise this for you.

There is lots to do around Chiang Mai – click here to see our guide to Chiang Mai attractions




If you have any questions, or would like to go ahead and book your stay with us, please send an email to:

You can also call us on +66861926026, but please be aware that we can’t always be available to answer the phone – sometimes we are fishing with our guests or working out in the gardens… We always respond to text messages and emails.

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