The first two Arapaima came from a nearby lake where they were choosing to no longer stock Arapaima. The larger of the two was 20 kg and the smaller one about 8 kg. The next group of Arapaima we bought in at 6 inches long. They were put in the stock pond for about a year by which time the biggest ones were around 7 kg and then they were moved into the main lake.

Another set of Arapaima were brought in at from 7 to 11 kg in weight. They were put into the stock pond for 18 months, by which time they’d reached between 25 and 40 kg in weight. We had to bring in some assistance to move them over into the main lake.

The largest Arapaima in the lake at the time of writing this (October 2013) is about 100 kg in weight. The second largest is about 90 kg and there are quite a few a bit smaller than those following along behind.


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