Chiang Mai – Things to do

Why Visit Chiang Mai?

Fishing with us at Teak Tree may be your main reason for visiting Chiang Mai, but it doesn’t have to be the only reason…
Maybe you will be bringing the family with you? What will they do while you fish?

You’re in luck…

There is lots to see and do in and around Chiang Mai, whether it’s temples and culture that take your fancy, or a night out on the town – all can be catered for.

Temples and Culture

Depending on numbers of people and what plans you have we will personally take you, or organise alternative transportation for you. This is not really part of the fishing package that we offer, so you will need to cover the cost of this transportation. That will be just the cost of the diesel if we are taking you, and fortunately even taxis and tuk-tuks are pretty good value in Chiang Mai – even whole day hires can be had for a modest cost.

If you plan to go into Chiang Mai during the evenings to sample the bars and restaurants we will be happy to take you into town, but if you are going to be late you will need to get a taxi or tuk-tuk back out to the lake. We can, of course, help to organise this for you.

Some ideas that are within fairly easy reach of the lake:

Baan Tawai – an interesting wood carving “village”. This is a great place to pick up some presents to take home, or even entire furniture sets to have shipped home…

The Night Safari – you can go at night, but it’s also a great place to visit in the daytime (we prefer it in the day!). There’s a nice lake to walk around, with various animals along the way, and excellent children’s play areas – both indoor and outdoor; probably the best in Chiang Mai. They have Arapaima in the lake. Opens 11am.

Rachapruek Royal Flora: Built for the hosting of the international flower show ‘Royal Flora Rachapruek 2006’ it is now a large landscaped garden with a wide variety of plant species, including a rather spectacular covered bromeliads garden. Well worth an afternoon – if you have the time.

Sanpatong Buffalo Market (Saturday morning only): Traditionally this was a place where farmers came to buy and sell their buffalos. They still do, but it is now also a giant market selling everything imaginable. Don’t miss the old pens of buffalos, and cages of cockerels out at the back of the modern day market.

Shopping? The Saturday and Sunday (much larger) Walking Streets are very popular, as is the Night Bazaar road (every evening). Personally, they drive me crazy; but up to you…

Elephants, Carving, Safari


For LOTS more ideas, click to download this excellent guide from Yahoo Travel: Top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai




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