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Dear Angler,

Thank you for your interest in Teak Tree Lake, our own private fishery. I hope you enjoy our website, and that someday soon we can tempt you to a few days fishing with us here at the lake.

I’ve been a keen angler for well over 45 years, and enjoyed some exposure in the UK angling press in the 90’s for chasing Wel’s Catfish around Kazakhstan (literally!), as well as landing some pretty decent Nile Perch out of Lake Nasser and Sturgeon in Canada – those were the days!

My dream has always been to have my own fishery, but after managing a fishery and fish farm in Northumberland for 11 years and seeing the finances involved, I knew a fishery in the UK for me at least would be financially impossible. However my life was to change forever when I was introduced to the Thai fishing scene in 2001 and was exposed to the immense power of the Mekong Catfish at Bungsamran. I was immediately mesmorized by the abundance and diversity of big fish, and I knew almost from my first day’s fishing in Thailand that I had found my dream destination for my lifelong ambition to develop and own my own lake at “the bottom of the garden”, a dream I am sure I am not alone in amongst anglers the world over.

After some agonising I made a decision to sell up and sever my ties in England and buy some land in Thailand to create my “ideal” fishery. It was a purely selfish decision with no commercial consideration in mind. The intention was to keep my fishery purely for my own pleasures, only allowing close friends to enjoy the lake with me once in a while. However 100’s of outsized hungry fish have put paid to that idea in the end…. You would be amazed what these guys can chomp through in one sitting!

I have watched as Amazon Red-tails swallow a whole loaf of bread (I thought they were supposed to eat fish!) and Chao Phraya Catfish speed across the lake with their padded mouth wide open trying to engulf anything unfortunate enough to cross their paths, cats, dogs, buffalos –  you name it, they’ll try to swallow it whole!

I’ve witnessed Indian Carp grow from 4 inches to 40lb in six years, and Arapaima from 40lb to 200lb in less than five years. So in the end I have been forced to allow anglers to come and help me pay for feeding my hungry pets; before they eat me out of house and home!

Under my guidance my wife Noon decided to open the lake to a very limited number of anglers purely to feed and maintain the growing population of large fish in the lake. We hope to see you here soon…

Bruce (husband of Noon, the business woman!)


Find out a little of the history of the lake’s development by clicking here




If you have any questions, or would like to go ahead and book your stay with us, please send an email tobrucecat_13@yahoo.co.uk

You can also call us on +66861926026, but please be aware that we can’t always be available to answer the phone – sometimes we are fishing with our guests or working out in the gardens… We always respond to text messages and emails.

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